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Glass Crushers

Recyclers across the country rely on C.S. Bell’s extensive line of glass crushers, because of their durability, safety and ease of maintenance.

Wear-resistant parts and heavy-gauge steel construction in heavy contact areas ensure that our glass crushers will perform in even the most rigorous environments.

Our glass crushers are customizable to meet the specific needs of any client, whether a community recycling program or an independent operator.

Select a link below to see examples of C.S. Bell’s glass crushers:

Model HMG-05P - For institutional facilities, bars, hotels, restaurants or any low-volume recycling
Model HMG-16P - For community recycling & independent operators
Model HMG-40– For high-volume productivity

Model HMG-05P Glass Crusher

Portable, Compact Design Ideal for Institutional Facilities, Bars, Hotels, Restaurants or any Low Volume Recycling
  • Reduces glass to cullet size required by recyclers.
  • Accepts containers up to 1 gallon size.
  • Volume feed or one bottle at a time.
  • Rated capacity: over 2 tons per hour.
  • Fits standard 30 and 55 gallon drum.
  • Saves time, space & storage on bottle disposal.
  • Trouble-free design.
  • Removable from adjustable carriage frame.
  • Operates on 110v electrical. 3 phase and International electrical available.
  • Crush outdated/rejected bottled goods such as beverages, perfumes, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
  • Destroy laboratory bottles, samples, specimens, ampules, pipettes, beakers, test tubes, petri dishes, etc. ...
  • Crush ceramic and porcelain materials
  • Companion piece for our CM-03P Aluminum Can Crusher.

Modifications include:

  • Carriage Support Frame
  • Product Discharge Chute
  • Additional hammers/higher RPM for increased crushing capacity
  • Stainless steel construction and washdown-duty electrical available.

Model HMG-16P Glass Crusher

For Community Recycling & Independent Operators

  • Rated capacity: 3 - 4 tons per hour.
  • Wear resistant hammers.
  • Mounted on 6" casters for mobility.
  • Heavy gauge steel construction.
  • Designed for quick, easy maintenance.
  • Accepts glass containers up to one gallon size.
  • Operates on 110v electrical. 3 phase and International electrical available.
  • Crusher rotation is reversible to double the life of crusher bars and chamber
  • Discharge onto ground, into container or secondary conveyor
  • Crusher head/conveyor body are modular units and can easily be replaced

Modifications include:

  • Additional hammers/higher RPM for increased crushing capacity
  • Point of discharge
  • Enlarged/re-designed feed hopper
  • Conveyor bed/conveyor belt
  • Variable speed drive
  • Washdown-duty electrical for high moisture/severe environment application

Model HMG-40 Glass Crusher

High Volume Productivity with Minimum Maintenance & Service

  • Rated capacity: 13 tons per hour.
  • Twice the productive life with wear resistant hammers that are reversible.
  • Readily adapted to any customized system.
  • Field tested in typical high volume uses.
  • Bottom discharge permitting easy installation over a pit, hopper, conveyor or container.
  • Can be used independently or as part of a total system.
  • Large feed hopper, standard. Larger hoppers available.
  • Built for heavy, sustained use.
  • Minimal maintenance and service.
  • Easily accessible for inspection or maintenance.
  • Operates on 230/460v electrical. 230v single phase and International electrical available.

Modifications include:

  • Open throat/inlet collar
  • Enlarged/re-designed feed hopper
  • Optional chamber screen for guaranteed particle size
  • Increased crusher width
  • Elevated support frame, in-feed and discharge conveyors