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Can Crushers/ Blowers/ Separators

Whether they process low or high volumes, recyclers across the U.S. know they can count on the dependability and durability of C.S. Bell’s aluminum can recycling equipment.

Our can recycling equipment includes:

  • Can crushers
  • Can blowers
  • Can separators

Made of all-welded steel construction, all of our can recycling equipment can be modified to meet a customer’s specifications, or we can design and manufacture a completely customized unit.

Select a link below to see examples of our can recycling equipment:

Model CM-03P aluminum can crusher – Ideal for low -volume recycling
Model CM-95P can crusher – Capacity rated at 1,000 pounds/hour
Model CS-305 can blower – For blowing into bins, trailers, balers or similar collection points
Aluminum can separators – Equipped with a magnetic head pulley

Visit our conveyors page for additional custom can separating conveyor ideas. Do you recycle glass as well? Check out our adaptable glass crusher lines.

Whether you recycle glass or aluminum cans, we want to talk with you about your recycling equipment needs. Contact us now to learn what C.S. Bell can do for you.

Model CM-03P Aluminum Can Crusher

Ideal for Institutional Facilities, Bars, Hotels, Restaurants or any Low Volume Recycling Operation.

  • 110v operation standard, 3 phase and International electrical available.
  • Rated capacity of over 200-300 lbs. per hour.
  • Fits standard 30 and 55 gallon drum.
  • Saves time, space and storage.
  • Practical design is trouble-free.
  • Removable from carriage frame.
  • All moving parts are covered for safety and protection. Includes safety interlock.
  • Crusher adjustable to vary density.
  • Crush outdated/rejected beverages.
  • Stainless Steel Construction and
    washdown-duty electrical available.
  • Reversible crusher bars for extended wear life.
  • Companion piece for our HMG-05P Glass Crusher.

Put our can crusher expertise to work for you – contact us now for details.

Model CM-95P Can Crusher

  • Capacity rated at 1,000 lb per hour.
  • Magnetic separator and reject chute.
  • Large 3/4 cubic yard hopper.
  • Discharges into standard container or in conjunction with our CS-305 Aluminum Can Blower.
  • All welded steel construction.
  • Hardened, wear resistant crusher cleats, reversible & replaceable.
  • 6" casters for mobility.
  • Easy access for maintenance and inspection.
  • Conveyor bed underside completely enclosed.
  • Steel construction and frame mounted on casters.
  • 230/460v standard, 230v single phase and International electrical available.
  • Washdown-duty electrical available for high moisture/severe environments.
  • Hopper can be modified to customers' specifications.

Model CS-305 Can Blower

  • For blowing into bin, trailer, baler/compactor or similar collection point.
  • Steel Construction, frame mounted on casters.
  • Capacity 3,000 lbs per hour.
  • For empty, whole or crushed can.
  • Blower discharge tube adjustable for height & angle.
  • Compatible with CM-95P Crusher. Can be oriented in-line or at right angle to crusher.
  • 230/400v standard, 230v single phase and International electrical available.

Model CSC-95

  • All welded steel construction.
  • Capacity 2,000 lbs. per hour.
  • 6 inch magnetic head pulley.
  • Reject chute for steel cans.
  • 110v operation standard, 3 phase and International voltages available.